29 april-5 may: turning healthier

over the last month we ate ridiculous amounts of meat of all kinds, this week we decided to make peace with our bodies & have a meatless week & “healthy” week.

this was a good opportunity to initiate our cookbook series, we have ~30 of them but lately they just seem to lay sad on the shelves. we decided to pay special attention to each & every book by reading it thoroughly & cooking as much recipes as possible from it.

we start with a book on healthy cooking (“the healthy kitchen of al hashulhan“).

friday, 29 april

– Butter-Glazed Radishes, from orangette.

– rice salad: carrots, yellow pepper, parsley, capers & savory granola (oats, walnuts, brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds, dried onion & garlic)

– yellow lentil stew- onions, carrots, cumin & paprika. sprinkled with coriander & lemon juice

saturday, 30 april:

– spicy cabbage- sauted in spice oil (coriander seeds, cumin, garam masala) topped with sunny-side-up egg

– yesterday’s lentil stew on brown rice, topped with sour yogurt

– coconut-carrot cake

sunday, 1 may:

– artichoke fries, from a local food blog.

– grilled smoky eggplant salad, from eating well.

– puttanesca-style penne with sardines.

tuesday, 3 may:

– a hybrid of a warm couscous salad & thai green curry. with cubes of tofu, potatoes, eggplants & turnip.

wednesday, 4 may:

– pasta salad, with tuna, olives & capers.

– crispy green salad, with shaved carrots & kohlrabi

thursday, 5 may:

– nicoise salad, with fresh tuna quick-pickled in vinegar

– maple-pecan cake

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